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Real Time. All the time.

Founded in 2005, xiTix was born out of an industry need for better asset tracking but has since evolved into so much more

Our approach to IoT solutions is centered around getting results for our clients. We understand that a solution is only as useful as the insights that it provides. We structure our projects in a way that focuses the outcome on actionable insights & delivering a true ROI.

We customize our solutions to almost all commercial sectors. We have particularly developed our expertise in the provision of electronic data capture and monitoring solutions for Retail, Logistics, Schools, Libraries, BPO units, and Transport markets. We develop solutions giving great emphasis on easy usability, quality, safety, and value.

xiTix is your reliable system integrator. We look forward to transforming your business; streamlining it with your partners in the value chain and help you reap the real benefits of real-time, tracking of asset/resource management solutions.