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Connected Coolers – CQR

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Maximizing the Utility of
Point of Sale Coolers


The efficient management of 1000’s of coolers spread out over a country can seem daunting and expensive.

Managing the theft, mismanagement, utilization and repairs of coolers spread out over a country in a cost effective manner is practically impossible without the right technology. xiTix CQR is a hardware + software solution that simplifies this process, reduces manpower required and provides actionable insights on the management process.


Our solution

Coolers should not be moved, misplaced or unaccounted for.
The CQR device uses a combination of accelerometers, motion & light sensors & highly accurate, real-time GPS to successfully assess when a cooler is moved from it's assigned location and where it has been moved to. We have successfully retrieved numerous stolen assets.
Coolers should maintain the product at an ideal temperature. So as to preserve product quality and provide the optimum customer experience.
The CQR device gathers temperature data from the cooler & Our software uses intelligent algorithms to detect abnormal cooler behavior and generate actionable alerts.
Coolers should be allocated efficiently in-market, so as to maximize the average sales per cooler.
The CQR device gathers data on cooler utilization through the number of door openings & power=on hours/day to provide recommendations on under-utilized & idle coolers that would be suitable for re-allocation.
Coolers should have minimum downtime.
The solution's software has intelligent preventative maintenance technology that can identify malfunctioning coolers & quickly flag them for servicing. Thereby, significantly reducing the average cooler downtime.


CQR is helping companies like Pepsi, Coca-Cola & Diageo reduce lost revenues through misplaced coolers and more efficiently manage & optimize their asset utilization

In-Market Retro Fit

the CQR device can be easily installed on existing coolers in-market. An assistive app is provided to smoothly complete the process. (Time = ~10 minutes)

Factory Installation

We have partnered with most global cooler manufacturers and are able to offer CQR pre-installed on new cooler purchases. (Western Refrigeration, Frigoglass, Everest, Sanden, etc)

Managed Connectivity

We are able to fully manage connectivity in any country in the world through our platform. Hence, simplifying the process and providing a single point of contact and billing.

Easy Integration

Our software team is able to provide easy integration of the CQR system into your existing internal management system. Making the transition seamless.

CQR Hardware Features

IP65 Certified
With resistance to dust & water, the CQR device is designed for longevity & reliability.
2 Week Battery Life
Our proprietary technology allows our CQR device to operate at very low power levels. The long battery life is extremely useful in identifying idle assets.
Temperature Sensors
Highly accurate temperature sensors monitor & log the temperature inside the cooler chamber.
Door Opening Counter
Also included in the CQR bundle, this allows us to know exactly how many times a cooler's door is opened.
Service & Sales Buttons
External buttons on the cooler that can be triggered by a shop owner to send pre-configured commands to your sales or service team. This can be integrated with your current sales system.
The CQR device sends an SOS to our server whenever it is tampered with or removed from the cooler.
Concealed Design
Installed within the cooler hood or insides, the CQR device is not visible externally and cannot be detected by retailers.

Free demo on
your coolers

To demonstrate the full value of our CQR solution, we will provide a demo on two of your coolers at the place of your choice. Contact us via the form or at