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Fleet Management

Optimizing Fleets and
Automating systems


Mismanaged fleets result in increased costs, more man-hours, poor efficiency, and lower output.

xiTix brings you a state of art solution for tracking, monitoring, controlling and managing your entire fleet of vehicles in the most efficient way. You could achieve all this from your control room or sitting at your desk having real-time information on your entire fleet.
We have a wealth of experience successfully implementing GPS vehicle tracking and improving our clients’ workflow.


Our solution

Full information of the fleet such as their current location and status should be available in real-time.
Our GPS vehicle tracking solution accurately keeps track of these parameters. Complete & easy access to all this information is available in real-time via our web portal.
Vehicles should follow rules, not deviate from their assigned route and not violate speed limits
Our software generates instant SMS or E-mail alerts when any of these set parameters are violated. Easily create geofences and set allowed times for vehicles to enter and exit and be notified accordingly.
Remote immobilization/ disabling of vehicles should be available in real-time.
Our hardware installed in the vehicles allows the client to remotely completely disable a vehicle if they so wish.


xiTix are helping clients have full visibility, information & accountability for their vehicle fleets.
Increase Fuel efficiency of your fleet
Instant SMS Alert on breaking Geo Fence and Speed limits
Cut maintenance cost and increase life of your vehicles
Maximize vehicle utilization.
Track your entire fleet Real time
Records data up to 6 months and archived data up to 12 months
Proactive reporting and Reminders
Personalized web portal for dedicated reporting