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Other Solutions

Through working with our clients across various industries,
we have expanded our portfolio of offerings.


Building readily integratable software to improve operational & business processes.


Designing and producing custom hardware for connected devices for IoT systems.

CCTV Systems

We have successfully executed & maintained numerous large projects with over 500 CCTV cameras

Attendance Systems

We offer staff & student attendance systems that utilize RFID, biometric or facial recognition technology

Real-Time Telemetry

Using connected equipment to monitor & record data from remote or inaccessible points

Logistics systems

Our devices are used for better visibility of shipping containers & monitoring of cold-chain logistics.


We offer managed connectivity for all our solutions, globally. Greatly increasing ease of adoption for clients

Mobile Apps

We develop mobile apps to integrate with our systems that are also being used to improve factory processes

How we work

Our process for Custom Solutions

04 Steps

01. Discussion
We get a solid understanding of the requirements and desired functionalities and priorities before proposing a plan.
02. Solution Proposal
We propose a solution that perfectly matches your requirements, taking into account desired costing & the priorities of desired features.
03. Proof of concept
After an evaluation of the proposal, we provide a demonstration and proof of concept to demonstrate the performance of the solution up to the clients’ standards.
04. Execution
Once the POC is completed to satisfaction, an execution plan is developed. xiTix assists in every step of the project, making sure that it’s a success.