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Student Monitoring Solutions


Monitoring students, alerting parents and managing data efficiently has traditionally been a time-consuming, manual process.

xiTix Present Ma’am a hardware + software solution that tracks & monitors students while providing real-time alerts for both parents and schools. whether it be on the school bus or within the confines of the school, our solution provides peace of mind to parents across the country letting them know their child’s whereabouts. With security becoming a growing concern, parents are increasingly concerned about the accountability of their children when they leave home for school until the time they return home.


Our solution

Children should board the bus at their designated stop.
The Present Maam solution uses a combination of GPS & RFID technology to successfully assess when a child enters the bus at it's assigned location and when it deboards the bus at the school. Instant notifications and exception alerts are generated accordingly.
Children should go to school rather than be truant.
Our solution allows for a mix of several technologies depending on case to case. Be it facial recognition, RFID, SMS, GSM or mobile app based; we are able to successfully assess when a student enters the school.
Parents should have greater schoolbus visibility.
Using GPS technology & a mobile app for parents, xiTix is able to provide them with real-time updates on the location of their child's bus. Be it on the pick-up or return journey, parents can see how far their children are and plan accordingly.
Student data management should be easy and automated.
Our solution completely simplifies the student attendance process. We are also able to seamlessly integrate with your current management system.


xiTix is helping large chains of schools like Podar, VIBGYOR & DPS efficiently manage parent interaction and transparency while reducing truancy levels
Route Mapping
configure routes for school buses via our platform for easy analysis, money saving and efficient monetization of bus services
Our dashboard provides the schools with a convenient birds-eye view of your school, fleet & bus service.
In-Depth Reporting
We work with schools on a case to case basis to intimately understand their needs and customize their reporting accordingly.
App Alerts
Real-time alerts for parents via SMS or via a mobile app for Android or Apple phones.
We understand that every school has different requirements and pain points. Our modular solution is extremely customizable to perfectly meet the needs of every school.