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Remote Asset & Temperature Monitoring Solutions, Cooler GPS Tracking, Cooler Management & GPS

Our Strengths

Full End-to-End
IOT Solutions

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Building our own devices allows us to optimize costs & performances based on each customer's unique requirements
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Building custom firmware allows us to optimize data usage and functions for different use cases
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We are experts at providing a seamless software experience and are also able to provide custom integrations into existing systems.
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IOT Solutions
More than
100 k+
Connected Things
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With over 26 billion globally connected devices,
there has never been a better time to invest in IoT.

Our company

Why xiTix?

With over 10 years of development and implementation of IOT projects, we know what it takes to make these projects work. We put a strong focus on the needs of your business to work out the solutions that best fits your needs. Every step of our solution is built around maximizing our clients’ ROI.
Better Features
We constantly innovate at every point in the IOT chain and are able to provide clients with new features through software & firmware updates
Better Pricing
Our extensive knowledge of connected technologies allows us to build solutions that perfectly match client requirements at a lower cost than our competitors
Better Support
Our structure allows our clients to receive all support through a Single Point of Contact & achieve faster turnaround times than the competition